Some Big and Small Differences between Medieval Age and Victorian Era

Middle Ages

The medieval era was the period of simplicity in Europe. People would live lifestyles with the limited means. The scientific inventions were also less. When we compare it with the Victorian Era, we find a lot of difference. The Victorian Age was definitely the early modern era when the modern scientific innovation was started. We find a lot of difference in the hand-woven medieval clothing and the industry-made Victorian dresses; however, both of them the fashion-statements today.

Moreover, the science and technology in the middle ages include the progress in mathematics, and the discovery of some new laws. Besides, the initial printing presses have also been made during the middle times. On the other hand, the invention of the heavy technological gadgets has been commenced since Victorian era. For instance, the steam engine was invented just before this era. Because of this invention, some science fiction novels were also written, in which technology was run through the steam power. These novels were marked as steampunk literature in the modern times. Besides, airplane was also discovered by Wright Brothers in 1903 – just after two years of the era of Queen Victorian and beginning of her son King Edward’s reign.

Victorian Era

So much growth in science and technology in the Victorian age was probably because of the progress of education in the society. The education was not available to everyone in the medieval society because of the dogmatism. On the other hand, the Victorian society was very forward as compared to that of the middle times. Moreover, the moveable type printing press was not invented till the late middle-ages. Therefore, most of the books were not printing. On the contrary, printing in bulk was started till the arrival of the period of Queen Victoria. So, the people’s reach towards the paperbacks was much increased in this period. Moreover, renaissance had already been arrived, which paved the way for the modern era.

Still, both the eras inspired the modern age up to a huge extent. Architecture, fashion, sculpture and a lot more things provided a great stuff to the modern times. Especially the Victorian and medieval costumes have become the major trends in the present scenario. Moreover, modern dress sense is also used in order to make these outfits. This modern addition has given birth to a new trend named steampunk, which is basically the science fictional trend of Victorian era, but the influence of medieval and other style clothing can also be vividly witnessed on it. Both the eras definitely present the role models for the people of today’s scenario.


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